FTP push--working tree updation fails

Subhash Chandran subwiz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 17:20:25 GMT 2007


I am totally new to bzr. I am trying to version my site contents using
bzr. My hosting provider supports only FTP access.

What I have done?

1. Create a bzr repository using `bzr init' in /home/subhash/tt
2. Added my site content in this repository and did commit
3. Copied this repository to another location in my HDD /home/subhash/wiz
4. Made changes to the repository in /home/subhash/tt. Did commit.
5. Pushed from /home/subhash/tt the changes made to /home/subhash/wiz
using FTP protocol:

$ bzr push ftp://subhash:subwiz@localhost/home/subhash/wiz

I get this message:

This transport does not update the working tree of:

I see that the /home/subhash/wiz is not updated. I am using bzr version:

Bazaar (bzr) 0.10.0

Is this the expected behavior? Why?

Subhash Chandran S


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