Bazaar as Subversion replacement

Nicholas Allen allen at
Tue Jan 16 16:54:32 GMT 2007

I think any diff format that looks more like a patch output (which is 
fine for a machine but not really a user friendly visualization of the 
changes made) than a human readable diff (eg side by side) would not be 
suitable for our needs. Even color coding the patch output would not be 
much better. We also need to be able to edit the file in place while 
reviewing a diff (or revert parts of the diff that are incorrect etc). 
The gtk-diff viewer is so far from meeting both of these requirements 
that we can't consider it. Meld and Beyond Compare both meet these basic 
requirements and so being able to specify an external diff viewer seems 
the easiest way to achieve this in bzr. But we would also need it to 
work from the commit dialog shown by gcommit.


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