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Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Mon Jan 15 22:26:32 GMT 2007

I was reading bzr help push today, and I wondered how I could push the
branch to a remote server if I have an ssh account there.  I could not
find the answer in bzr's help topics.

Here's a patch that adds a help topic explaining what sorts of URL
schemes are supported by bzr.

Since bzr's transports are pluggable, a better solution would be to do
what bzr help revisionspec does -- loop through registered transports
and collect documentation from the interesting ones.  (I do not think
end-users are interested in transports like 'memory+' or 'vfat+'.) That
seemed to be a bit too much work for a first-time bzr drive-by-patcher
like me.  IMHO an incomplete help topic is better than no topic at all.

Marius Gedminas
H.323 has much in common with other ITU-T standards - it features a complex
binary wire protocol, a nightmarish implementation, and a bulk that can be used
to fell medium-to-large predatory animals.
        -- Anthony Baxter
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# Bazaar revision bundle v0.8
# message:
#   Add a help topic for location specifiers.
# committer: Marius Gedminas <mgedmin at b4net.lt>
# date: Tue 2007-01-16 00:12:41.658999920 +0200

=== modified file bzrlib/help_topics.py
--- bzrlib/help_topics.py
+++ bzrlib/help_topics.py
@@ -100,6 +100,30 @@
     return ''.join(out)
+_help_on_locationspec = """
+Location specifier:
+A location is either a local path name (which can be absolute or relative),
+or a URL using one of the following schemes:
+  file: Local file access (the file:// prefix is optional).
+  http: Read-only access of branches exported on the web.
+  https: Read-only access of branches exported on the web using SSL.
+  sftp: Access using SFTP (most SSH servers provide SFTP).
+  ftp: Access using passive FTP.
+  aftp: Access using active FTP.
+  bzr: Fast access using the Bazaar smart server.
+  bzr+http: Fast access using the Bazaar smart server over HTTP.
+  bzr+ssh: Fast access using the Bazaar smart server over SSH.
+Schemes that use the Bazaar smart server require it to be installed on
+the remote machine.
+Plugins can add support for more URL schemes.
 _basic_help= \
 """Bazaar -- a free distributed version-control tool
@@ -129,6 +153,8 @@
 topic_registry.register("revisionspec", _help_on_revisionspec,
                         "Explain how to use --revision")
+topic_registry.register("locationspec", _help_on_locationspec,
+                        "Explain how to specify LOCATIONs")
 topic_registry.register('basic', _basic_help, "Basic commands")
 topic_registry.register('topics', _help_on_topics, "Topics list")
 def get_format_topic(topic):

=== modified directory  // last-changed:mgedmin at b4net.lt-20070115221241-grt4oyq
... 0h73ql027
# revision id: mgedmin at b4net.lt-20070115221241-grt4oyq0h73ql027
# sha1: c1d10fb06723865c7d0a18578dbe32ba49cef38a
# inventory sha1: 68e28347cc08d0bb759cd2bf6eda5959548c21d0
# parent ids:
#   pqm at pqm.ubuntu.com-20070115033134-6f456e8e9cc87f35
# base id: pqm at pqm.ubuntu.com-20070115033134-6f456e8e9cc87f35
# properties:
#   branch-nick: bzr.dev

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