Bazaar and Terminator

Nicholas Allen allen at
Fri Jan 5 11:20:59 GMT 2007

bzr can output to the terminal if I do something like bzr help, bzr 
status for example but bzr pull does not print anything or ask for 
password when pulling from an sftp server. In DOS prompt it says "Using 
saved location: ....." and then asks for password. In Terminator there 
is no output at all. It seems it is not possible to get input from the 
user in Terminator either. bzr must be waiting for the password and if I 
try to enter one the characters are printed on the terminal and hitting 
return does not cause bzr to continue (as it did in gnome-terminal on 
Cygwin). So this bug seems very similar but is not exactly the same as 
the gnome-terminal bug.


Alexander Belchenko wrote:
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> Nicholas Allen пишет:
>> Hi,
>> It seems there is also problems with bzr output on Terminator on Windows
>> (a cross platform terminal
>> written in Java). I guess this is related to the bug in gnome-terminal
>> on cygwin which was a python bug I seem to remember. Is there a work
>> around that could be implemented in bzr so it would work on all
>> platforms and python versions? If so maybe this would make sense rather
>> than waiting for the fix in Python...
> What kind of problem you talking? Hang during waiting input from user,
> or bzr unable to print output to terminal?
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