using bzr with many small Python modules, forgetful person, and version numbers

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Wed Jan 3 22:13:09 GMT 2007

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> [...]
>> okay, I will give that a try.  Originally I was hoping to use my 
>> standard Web server (Cherokee) but it seems to have problems with bzr
> Would you mind elaborating on this?  The bzr HTTP smart server is a WSGI
> application, so it ought to work just fine with e.g. the FastCGI handler + and a
> FastCGI WSGI server.  I'd be curious to know about the problems you're having,
> in case it's an issue with the Bazaar side of things I'm not aware of.

maybe I didn't read the documentation carefully enough but I thought an 
ordinary Web server could serve up read-only bzr repositories. 
originally, I'd put a repository under this URL (.bzr/)

When I try to extract a branch, I am told that it is not a branch.  I 
believe it has something to do with Cherokees reluctance to show a name 
starting with a dot.  I have looked over the documentation and haven't 
seen any way to make .bzr visible.

as for wscgi fcgi servers, let me know what's available (and simple 
since unfortunately, I have very little time for playing around). 
Cherokee can support fast cgi and scgi and if there is a wsgi  server 
for either/both, I'm game to at least try a little bit.  Actually, I'm 
also interested because I have a fairly time intensive CGI program I 
need to convert to scgi or fast CGI.  although, that might reveal a 
whole host of other sins.  :-)

> I'd also like to be able to expand the Bazaar documentation to include examples
> of configuring an HTTP server with more than just Apache, so if we can figure
> out the right magic for Cherokee, we can document it for the next user.

amen to that.  I'll be glad to write up my configuration examples and 
some documentation for how to use bzr with Cherokee.


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