loggerhead: alternative web front-end

Robey Pointer robey at lag.net
Mon Dec 25 05:56:25 GMT 2006

On 19 Dec 2006, at 7:10, Nicholas Allen wrote:

> Hi,
> I really like loggerhead now! I have one other suggestion: when  
> viewing files for a revision there is a column that has the last  
> changed revision. When clicking on this it takes you to the page  
> for that revision id. I think it would be nice if there was a way  
> to jump to the changes for the file that you clicked on. In some  
> ways I actually expected the "changes" link to take me there but it  
> shows the log history instead. Perhaps "changes" could be changed  
> to "history" and another column "last change" could be added that  
> took you to the diff for the file you select. Or the revision link  
> would just take you to the diff for the file.

I'm trying to be consistent with the terminology of "changes" being  
the changelog.  If I change it to "history" on that link, I should  
probably change it everywhere.  (Does anyone else have an opinion on  
that?  I don't personally care either way.  "History" might be a bit  
more consistent with bzr terminology.)

If you click on the revision, the revision page should have a quick- 
link down to the diff for each modified file.  (The whole revision  
diff is displayed on the revision page.)  But there won't be a diff  
for every file, because sometimes the "last change" is the revision  
the file was added.  So I don't think clicking on a "#" link on the  
revision page is making it too hard...


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