loggerhead: alternative web front-end

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Tue Dec 19 12:10:42 GMT 2006


I really like loggerhead now! I have one other suggestion: when viewing 
files for a revision there is a column that has the last changed 
revision. When clicking on this it takes you to the page for that 
revision id. I think it would be nice if there was a way to jump to the 
changes for the file that you clicked on. In some ways I actually 
expected the "changes" link to take me there but it shows the log 
history instead. Perhaps "changes" could be changed to "history" and 
another column "last change" could be added that took you to the diff 
for the file you select. Or the revision link would just take you to the 
diff for the file.


Robey Pointer wrote:
> I've been using bazaar-webserve as the web interface for paramiko's 
> bazaar branch for many months now, and while it works well, the user 
> interface has been vexing me.  Since I have a short vacation right 
> now, I decided to tackle the templates and CSS there and try to fix 
> them into a decent working shape.  Long story short, I saw the 
> recursive template language, made a few disappointing forays, and gave 
> up.
> So: I have written an alternate version using TurboGears.  I copied a 
> lot of Goffredo's core code from webserve, and so carried over his 
> copyright and the GPL, but the interface is all new and uses kid 
> templates.  By the way, I want to say here that while the templating 
> code made me feel really ill, the logic inside webserve is well 
> thought-out, and a few times I tried to rewrite things my own way only 
> to end up realizing webserve was doing it the right way all along and 
> I should just copy it.
> I guess what I'm saying is, I didn't do this as a slam on webserve, I 
> did it because I want the web interface to look nice.
> The code is hosted in a bazaar branch (of course) here:
>     http://www.lag.net/~robey/code/loggerhead/
> And I'm hosting the bzr.dev branch through logger head here, if you'd 
> like to check it out:
>     http://www.lag.net/bzr.dev/
> If anyone has suggestions, comments, flames, patches, etc, I'm open 
> for them.
> I'm going to make a separate thread about a performance issue I ran 
> into... :)
> robey
> (PS. A loggerhead is a type of sea turtle.)

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