loggerhead: alternative web front-end

Andrew Bennetts andrew at canonical.com
Thu Dec 21 12:10:23 GMT 2006

Nicholas Allen wrote:
> * I would also like it if loggerhead to send emails on commits and that
> users can register interest in a branch and provide an email address to
> receive notifications. The format of the email could be customized in
> loggerhead.conf (to list what files were modified for example and to
> have links in the email to see their modifications on the web server).

I don't think sending emails on commit has any business being part of a web
interface for browsing branches.

I *do* think that it would be good if whatever you use to send commit emails
could be configured to provide a link to the revision in loggerhead, though :)

It should be easy to generate links to revisions in loggerhead; its URL scheme
is pretty straightforward and sensible.


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