observation: mercurial on win32

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Dec 20 17:22:21 GMT 2006

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It's a sort of offtop but maybe `to know our competitors' is good thing.
Today I have some experience of using latest 0.9.3 release of Mercurial
on win32.

Result: Mercurial still unusable on native win32.

Guys from Mercurial team use specific environment
with msys (I don't know what is it). Why for they packed
patch.exe utility to their windows installer -- I don't know,
because it's won't working without msys-0.dll (again, I don't
know what is it and why for is it).

Merge on win32 is absent. *Absolutely*.

Yes, hg runs *slightly* faster.
But on my small tree it's no more than 2x faster then bzr on the same tree.

Yes, hg has smaller commands set.
But it leads to poor functionality. Some similar commands (similar by names)
require more steps in hg to obtain the same result that bzr
provide with one step.

So my conclusion: yes, bzr slightly slower and has big set of commands.
But as result it more powerful.

If we could accelerate bzr a bit we will win in the most categories.
And bzr's support of win32 is better. Comparing to hg (or git) it's superior.


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