loggerhead: alternative web front-end

Robey Pointer robey at lag.net
Wed Dec 20 01:30:10 GMT 2006

On 19 Dec 2006, at 1:18, James Henstridge wrote:

> On 15/12/06, Robey Pointer <robey at lag.net> wrote:
>> If anyone has suggestions, comments, flames, patches, etc, I'm open
>> for them.
> I've only taken a quick look over the code, but a few things stood  
> out:
> 1. the code seems to be written to only handle a single branch.  If I
> have multiple branches, is the idea to set up multiple Loggerhead
> instances for each branch?  Do you plan to support multiple branches
> in the same Loggerhead instance in the future?

That's my next task, to support multiple branches.  I think it should  
be straightforward, with a little rearranging.

> 2. the up to date checks for the cache seems to be based on whether
> the length of the linear revision history is the same in the branch
> and cache.  If I uncommit in a branch then make a new commit, it looks
> like it will consider the cache up to date.  It'd probably be better
> to save the head revision ID in the cache and compare the that
> instead.  What do you think?

Obviously, you're right. :)  I'm going to do that right now, while I  
refactor that caching code.  I think if the sizes are the same *and*  
the head revision is in the cache, then it's up to date.


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