loggerhead: alternative web front-end

James Henstridge james at jamesh.id.au
Tue Dec 19 09:18:52 GMT 2006

On 15/12/06, Robey Pointer <robey at lag.net> wrote:
> If anyone has suggestions, comments, flames, patches, etc, I'm open
> for them.

I've only taken a quick look over the code, but a few things stood out:

1. the code seems to be written to only handle a single branch.  If I
have multiple branches, is the idea to set up multiple Loggerhead
instances for each branch?  Do you plan to support multiple branches
in the same Loggerhead instance in the future?

2. the up to date checks for the cache seems to be based on whether
the length of the linear revision history is the same in the branch
and cache.  If I uncommit in a branch then make a new commit, it looks
like it will consider the cache up to date.  It'd probably be better
to save the head revision ID in the cache and compare the that
instead.  What do you think?


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