windows ftp server problems

John Arbash Meinel john at
Tue Dec 12 03:25:46 GMT 2006

ml.bazaar-ng at wrote:
> John,  
> See inline...
> On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 20:27:59 -0600, "John Arbash Meinel"
> <john at> said:
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>>> (000010) 12/11/2006 17:44:58 PM - bzr (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,18,172)
>>> (000010) 12/11/2006 17:44:58 PM - bzr (> STOR /test/.bzr/repository/knits/1b/
>>> (000010) 12/11/2006 17:44:58 PM - bzr (> 550 Filename invalid
>> Can you tell us what directory is the root of your ftp server? It seems
>> we are trying to create a path which is approx 125 characters long.
> the root directory was: "C:\Documents and settings\rhd\Desktop\repos". 
> That is easily under 260 characters.  Just to be sure, I created the
> above directory structure by hand using exploder - and it worked fine.
> One thing I noticed was nowhere did it actually *make* the "1b"
> directory.  Perhaps that is the problem?

Actually, that might be part of the problem. We actually try to create
the file, and if it fails, we then create the directory. So we are
probably getting an error code that we weren't expecting. What we are
looking to raise in 'NoSuchFile()' which will let the calling code know
that it needs to create the directory.

Can you attach a traceback from ~/.bzr.log, or if you are on windows, it
is probably C:\Documents and Settings\username\.bzr.log

> <snip>
>> John
>> =:->
> On a side note, what would you guys recommend for a windows server?  Is
> 'bzr serve' ready for prime time (on windows)?  I'm being forced to use
> it as a tserver :(
> Thanks :)

'bzr serve' has not been verified to not expose your filesystem, so it
should be considered unsafe. Also, at the moment it doesn't have any
sort of authentication.

There is also bzr+http:// which can be set up through a standard web
server, and should be able to support pushes. I'll let Andrew Bennetts
finish up the documentation about how to set it up. But basically you
can configure apache to use mod_python or fast_cgi to run a small
interface between http requests and bzr. It looked pretty easy to set up
in the little bit he has demonstrated so far.


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