[BUG] selftest failure if error has % character

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Nov 2 22:44:17 GMT 2006

With Martin's latest changes to make the selftest progress much nicer, I
found a small bug.

Basically, if a test fails, and that string has a '%' character in it,
then you get a python failure to expand string. Specifically, it calls

self.pb.note('FAIL: %s\n%s' % (foo, bar))
And note is calling:

self.write(format % args)

The attached patch fixes the bug, but I don't have time to write test
cases right now. I'm trying to fix some other bugs. (It just happened
that the tests I *was* writing was triggering these bugs).

The biggest problem with this bug is it happens outside of the
TestRunner safety net, so it stops the test suite entirely, and you
don't get a nice enough error to figure out what error is failing.

I should get to tests tomorrow, but I figured I would report the problem

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