Commit does not allow missing email address but whoami says this is allowed

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at
Thu Nov 2 00:34:01 GMT 2006

> But even on an internal, closed-source system, you'll want to set it to
> something meaningful, because that identifier is used in commit logs.

We have a standard system for referring to employees using a 3 letter id 
that use use in spec. documents and so on. In subversion this id is used 
and we would like to use it in bzr too. We could include email but we 
would rather not as it is superfluous to us.
>> All we really care about is having "something at other", it doesn't have to
>> be a valid email address. But even that we shouldn't strictly require. I
>> tracked down one place that was expecting it, it seems you might be
>> running into another.
> I think it's a Windows thing.  On Unix, we fall back to the userid at hostname.
I think that is ok if the user has not explicitly set their id but if 
they have then there is no need to assume it has to be an email address 
and contains the @ char.


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