Bazaar NG performance on large repositories

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Oct 30 18:06:22 GMT 2006

Nicholas Allen wrote:
>>> bzr log some-file
>>> This command took a very long time. In fact, I gave up waiting for it to
>>> complete. No output was seen on the terminal at all - even after 5
>>> minutes. I think in its current state this would be completely unusable
>>> for us. I hope that bzr will see some performance improvements here.
>> log some-file reads the inventory of each commit, so it scales with tree
>> size.  That's a limit of the current implementation, though.  We can
>> look at each file to see what revisions modified it, though I'm not sure
>> whether that will detect all kinds of changes.
> Is that something that is hard to change? Would it not be possible to
> have a file somewhere (in .bzr) for each file under version control that
> lists the revisions that modified it? These files could be calculated
> once after an initial pull and then updated on each commit. Then a log
> for a single command would be very fast. The files could be updated the
> first time a log on a single file is done or always after pulling (but
> this would increase the pull time of course).

As I commented, most of this is already done. We don't record deletes in
that index, and we really should.

>>> bzr diff
>>> Took about 30 seconds to complete. It claimed all files had
>>> modifications "(properties changed)" but there were no code changes
>>> except the file I modified. What could these property changes be? Is
>>> this a possible bug?
>> That would be the execute bit.
> Why does it claim that the executable bit changed for files when I
> didn't change this?
> Thanks,
> Nick

It would be nice to figure this out. If it isn't a public project, I
would be happy to investigate it with you on IRC at
#bzr. We can investigate over email, but it is usually much
easier/faster on IRC.


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