smart server doing merges....?

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Wed Oct 25 16:15:16 BST 2006

Perhaps this is a very stupid idea... I've thought about it for 2 minutes...


Would it be possible for the smart server to do parts of what PQM
does? That is, merge, check if it looks ok, commit.

That way, one could do
bzr branch bzr://host:port/branch
cd branch
hack hack
bzr submit bzr://host:port/branch

"submit" in this case would push if there is no divergence, and merge
and commit if there are new things....

Of course, there would have to be some testing that the program still
builds, etc.  This will take time, which is why this might be a very
bad idea! :)

The reason I'm thinking about this is:

One of the things I would love to be able to do is just using "pull,
push and merge" between my own branch and the central branch.

Right now, what I do is have a checkout, branch that, then merge back
and forth between them.  Doing...

bzr branch sftp://host/trunk
cd trunk; hack hack; bzr ci
bzr push  -> ERROR: These branches have diverged.
bzr merge; bzr commit
bzr push

changes the history of trunk, which I really dislike.  I would like to
have a way to stop history of trunk to change...

Perhaps the smart server can do a merge when it notices that the tip
of the branch pushed, has the trunks tip as a parent?

Just throwing out wierd ideas.....


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