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Jakub Narebski jnareb at
Sun Oct 22 01:22:28 BST 2006

Erik Bågfors wrote:

>> So I sound like I care, but at the same time, I realize very well that
>> when coming from a totally centralized world, the details we're arguing
>> are _so_ not important.
> I have to agree. Personally I think both git, bzr and mercurial are
> all VERY nice systems.  If they weren't all started about the same
> time, I doubt we would have all three.

If I understand correctly bzr came to life much earlier than Monotone,
Mercurial and Git but it was in beta stages very long. Bazaar-NG
"repositories" to group bunch of "branches" seems inspoted by hg or git.
Git (and probably Mercurial) was inspired both by BitKeeper and Monotone.
Monotone started to be reasonable fast around time when Git and Mercurial
came to be.

P.S. I'd like very much to see "history of SCM", with links denoting
borrowing of ideas, similar to the "history of UNIX" graphs...
Jakub Narebski

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