Newbie questions

Lachlan Patrick loki at
Fri Oct 13 07:27:27 BST 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> Try typing
>     $ ssh your_username at your_remote_host
> That form was probably inspired by email addresses, but is unrelated
> to email.

This worked, or seemed to work. (I had previously used sftp directly to
put everything in my local copy onto a server, and the command said 0
revision(s) pushed, which I presumed meant it had no work to do and
finished successfully.)

I now have a different problem: pulling the data back via HTTP into a
completely empty directory called FromServer.

$ bzr pull
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: C:/FromServer/

Since that failed, I instead tried this:

$ bzr get
bzr: ERROR: Connection error: curl connection error (Unknown error) on

So, bzr get seems to get further than bzr pull, but both fail. Anyone
recognise what the curl error means? I tried to find this in the
bazaar-vcs web site docs but couldn't find it.


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