Windows standalone installer and Plugins

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Sep 25 17:43:44 BST 2006

DeeJay пишет:
> Should BZR Plugins work with the Windows 'standalone' installer version 
> of bzr?

Some plugins won't work with standalone bzr.exe because they require 
some third-party python libraries that missed in standalone bzr.exe.
It's known limitation of bzr.exe and that's why python installer also there.

> I'm seeing this -

Tomorrow I try to reproduce your troubles with webserve and bzrtools. 
But I remember that bzrtools works OK with bzr.exe.

GTK- and Qt-based plugins won't works because bzr.exe lacks of GTK/t 
libraries inside.

C:\Documents and Settings\djr\Application Data\bazaar\2.0\plugins>bzr
> plugins
> Unable to load plugin 'webserve' from 'C:/Documents and 
> Settings/djr/Application
>  Data/bazaar/2.0/plugins'

Can you show tail of your C:\.bzr.log file? Try to run bzr plugins again 
and then cut last chunk with log info.

> webserve is not a unique problem - bzrtools fails in the same fashion.
> Am I right to translate the *nix ~/.bazaar to windows ...\Application 
> Data\bazaar\2.0\ ?

Yes, you're right. This info also mentioned in bzr_man, see:

> Is there any other advice about getting plugins to work on Windows? They 
> can't be installed under \bzrlib because that is a zip-archived file in 
> the \ folder in the Windows-installer implementation of bzr.

The only way is to use python-based bzr version, not standalone one.

> Incidentally, the command 'bzr plugins' is not documented in bzr's 
> built-in help or at

Good catch. Thanks. I file bug report and try to resolve this problem 
soon. But built-in help is working:

$ bzr plugins -h
usage: bzr plugins

List plugins

   -h, --help  show help message


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