win32 selftest results with @1993

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Sep 11 16:44:25 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:


>> So that test probably just needs to be updated to catch IllegalPath
>> and
>> skip the test, rather than fail with an ERROR. This test is failing 2
>> times. It is failing for InterRepository and InterWeaveRepo. Both
>> involve weaves, and weaves with funky characters are not supported on
>> Windows.
> Agreed, but it shold check the class type before skipping. We want a
> whitelist approach here. Other tests will need it so I propose a
> 'bzrlib.repository.UNSUPPORTED_ON_WINDOWS' list. We should also consult
> that during sprout and clone - if we are branching from a weave to a
> windows machine we *must* upgrade on the fly.

I'm not as positive, considering it works for a lot of the bzr branches
in existence. Just not for arch or svn conversions. (I used bzr on
windows for a long time before we started using Knits).


>> Now, this last one is AtomicFile failing during .commit() As part of
>> LocalTransport.put().
>> Now it may be that we are getting Permission Denied, when we expect
>> NoSuchFile, or something like that (say the parent dir doesn't exist
>> yet).
>> But this seems like it might also be an issue, something to look into.
> Permission denied usually means 'file is open sucker' :).

Yeah, that is another one of the possibilities.

>> Oh... And errno=17 (which someone has mentioned in the past) seems to
>> happen when we run out of filesystem space.
>> Anyway, we've seem to overcome the bulk of our errors on win32. But I
>> think we need to still do a little bit more. 
> Looks good. what do you mean by 'filesystem space' - do you mean 'path
> length' ?
> Rob

I can force some path-length errors just by starting in a bzr tree with
a longer path, and leaving the short_id a little bit longer. The test
suite does create some relatively long paths. I didn't realize this at
first, and I got 50+ tests failing. Then I shortened it, and all but 6
tests passed.


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