[RFC] <link rel> support for bazaar?

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Aug 31 14:28:52 BST 2006

James Henstridge wrote:
> On 31/08/06, Matthieu Moy <Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr> wrote:


>> In both cases, it would be nice to avoid having to pay this round trip
>> for _each_ operation. I think things like push_location, parent, ...
>> should use the actual redirected URL. Like my browser rewrites
>> www.launchpad.net into launchpad.net without "www".

That depends. A redirect is pretty fast. And in the case of Launchpad,
the other URL might actually want to change while leaving launchpad.net
as the official URL.

The big plan is that we only get redirected on the first request. And
then all further requests go to the new location. Not that we pay a
redirect for *every* request.

> HTTP supports both temporary and permanent redirects to cover this
> kind of distinction, and it would be nice for Bazaar to handle the
> distinction too.  For a temporary redirect, Bazaar would remember the
> URL given by the user.  For a permanent redirect, Bazaar would
> remember the target URL.
> It would also be nice to handle cross-scheme redirects too, so that an
> HTTP server could redirect to some other scheme (FTP, Bazaar
> smart-server protocol, etc), so it would be useful if the
> implementation doesn't limit redirects to the same transport.
> James.

I think that should be possible. I need to see what information can be
sent in the redirect, but in general, the plan is to just create a new
transport with the new url, which is likely to redirect properly I think.

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