problems with bzr 0.10 and paramiko sftp transfer

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at
Tue Aug 29 19:46:18 BST 2006

Robey Pointer wrote:
> The API is the same, but was only introduced in paramiko 1.5.3.  bzr is
> using the hostkey object directly like a dict because it predates the
> HostKeys object, and emulating a dict has proven to be harder than I
> thought...
> I actually just fixed __setitem__ yesterday, or at least fixed it in the
> way that I think it was meant to work.  If you use the paramiko trunk[1]
> does it work there?

Had to use the LP mirror, I get this error when using your server:

F:\tmp>bzr branch
bzr: ERROR: Knit header error: '\n' unexpected

But yes, with trunk it works fine.

> That would break compatibility with older versions, though, which a lot
> of the bzr developers are using.  Since 1.6.2 (released only about a
> week ago) is the first 1.6 that worked well with bzr, I think it would
> be totally unfair to require 1.6 quite yet.  I do have a "paramiko 1.6"
> branch of bzr, though, if you're interested.[2]  It's at least a few
> weeks out of date right now.

Hm, I was using 1.6 from when I installed bzr first time and it always worked
without problems for me. I actually had some problems with 1.5, but I can't
remember what exactly was it.


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