[ANN] Olive 0.1 released

Szilveszter Farkas szilveszter.farkas at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 09:10:49 BST 2006

> It'd be good to get this merged with the other gui code (gannotate,
> branch viewer), etc, so we can just have a single thing called "Bazaar
> GUI".  Also perhaps we can do synchronized releases with Bazaar, as
> bzrtools does, so that it's easy to see which one goes with which.  (So
> the next one should work with 0.10 and be called 0.10)

I've had a discussion already about this topic with Jelmer. At least
the merging part. As I mentioned in my mail, i'll backport all my
changes into bzr-gtk. But you're right that the easiest way to
maintain all GUI related code would be to have a "Bazaar GUI" product
which has Olive + the bzr-gtk bits as plugins. That means hopefully no
more code duplication. Jelmer: what do you think?

Szilveszter / phanatic

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