[ANN] Olive 0.1 released

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Tue Aug 22 03:42:02 BST 2006

On 22 Aug 2006, Szilveszter Farkas <szilveszter.farkas at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm proud to announce the availability of Olive 0.1. Google Summer of
> Code 2006 came to an end today, so I thought the best thing would be
> to release the current code, so people can try it, and report anything
> they want.

Well done!

It'd be good to get this merged with the other gui code (gannotate,
branch viewer), etc, so we can just have a single thing called "Bazaar
GUI".  Also perhaps we can do synchronized releases with Bazaar, as
bzrtools does, so that it's easy to see which one goes with which.  (So
the next one should work with 0.10 and be called 0.10)


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