new repository format warnings happen at wrong time

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Aug 21 20:47:29 BST 2006

I have several places where I create dummy branches when I'm testing
behavior. To prevent these branches from leaking into my real
repositories, I create a --format=weave branch, which makes sure
children will never be shared.

Because of this, I get a lot of these warnings:
Format <RepositoryFormat6> for file:///... is deprecated - please use
'bzr upgrade' to get better performance

I don't really care, because I understand what the warning is trying to
say. The real problem for me, is that it isn't even using this
repository, it just sees it while it is checking for a shared repository
to use.

I don't know that it is worth introducing a 'probe' sort of flag, to
indicate that we are just looking around, rather than really trying to
open the repository. (Though I suppose the code in question would use
the repository if it was valid, so maybe the warning is real).

Anyway, it seemed spurious to warn on a repository that isn't actually
being used.

But it is a small bug, and probably offset by encouraging people to
upgrade for performance reasons.


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