[MERGE] trivial NotImplementedError and docstring tweaks

Andrew Bennetts andrew at canonical.com
Fri Aug 18 07:31:51 BST 2006

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> > -class SFTPTransport (Transport):
> > -    """Transport implementation for SFTP access"""
> > +class SFTPTransport(Transport):
> > +    """Transport implementation for SFTP access."""
> I thought PEP8 said you were only supposed to use a '.' when in
> paragraph mode.
> Interestingly, PEP-257 says to use a period. But the explicit example in
> PEP-8 (which references 257) doesn't.
> Interestingly, 257 says that this is okay:
> """
> First line starts here.
> More stuff
> """
> They also ask for an extra blank line at the end. I don't think we have
> used that at all, and as such, I don't prefer the look of it.
> Anyway, no reason to block the patch (especially since it is already
> merged). Just a discussion on doc strings.

Yeah, the PEPs aren't completely consistent here.  PEP 8 does pretty clearly say
PEP 257 is what you should follow here, and PEP 257's intent seems to me to be
full sentences with periods, always, although it's not completely obvious.

Anyway, when I mentioned PEP 8 in the commit message I was more thinking about
the unwanted whitespace in the class statement ;)


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