"Bazaar" - cleaned-up naming and branding

Lars Wirzenius liw at liw.iki.fi
Tue Aug 1 21:13:44 BST 2006

pe, 2006-07-28 kello 10:27 +1000, Martin Pool kirjoitti:
>     "The naming of cats is a difficult matter"
> Because of this project's genesis in baz[*], branding and naming has
> been a bit unclear in the past.  Now we have a new web site and shiny
> logo it's also a good time to clean up the naming.  The project is
> "Bazaar", and the command is "bzr".
>   http://bazaar-vcs.org/Branding

I like the new looks of the website, but at first, I wondered why the
new name of the project was "Bazaa".

Turns out that on my relatively narrow screen (it's a small laptop...),
with its corresponding relatively narrow web browser, the pictures/icons
at the top sometimes overlap each other. Not sure of the best way to fix
that, but it might be worthwhile to find a way, as soon as someone has
the time. No biggie.

Even a bad picture is worth 500 words. --Droidy

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