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John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Aug 1 18:36:32 BST 2006

Davis, Jacob wrote:


> The method you describe is what I am used to with CVS/SVN, or any other VCS, when (in typical fashion) it is used by several users to make changes to a single set of files. 
> The way I'd like to use BZR is the other way around. I want a single user to make changes to many different sets of files on remote machines. Ideally I could do this without having to log into each machine individually to execute commands. I might accomplish this by various other means but it seems like BZR has some unique features that could make it useful for what I want. It would give me a sort of centralized approach to system configuration change management without having to figure out http://www.cfengine.org/ . And since BZR supports Windows it is (hopefully) also cross-platform.
> I think I am mostly there. I init a repository on each client and add all the files to it that I want to track.
> Then I check out each of the client repositories into my central shared repository.
> I can then make all changes to the client files form the central repository and commit them, which will update the client repositories. I still need to execute "bzr update" on the clients for the working directory to update, which is not ideal, but I do have centralized tracking of changes and if the central server is ever unreachable I can still commit changes on the clients to their local repository and update the central server later.
> -Jake

At this point, it is all that core bzr supports.

We also have support for using 'rsync'. Currently there are 2 plugins,
my 'bzr-rsync' one, and Aaron Bentley's 'rspush' which is part of

They have not been updated to work with shared repositories, but they
both work with standalone branches.

We keep getting this sort of request (I want bzr to be able to push and
update the remote files). So I'll probably update my rsync plugin to
allow this.

Basically, my plan is to use regular bzr to update the history
information, and then if there is a working tree, use a special rsync
invocation to copy the working files across. There are a lot of edge
cases to handle if you want to do it right, but it should be possible.

I'll let you know when I get it working, hopefully this week.


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