0.10 release process - time based release?

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Aug 1 14:51:57 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:
> I'd like to suggest a change for the release process of bzr - time based
> releases.
> Heres the crux of what I suggest:
> We release 0.10 Monday September 4th.
> To achieve that, 0.10 rc1 will be released August 28th,
> bzr.dev will be frozen for all bar non-risky bugfixes from August 21st.
> This gives us 3 weeks for major feature landings, and 2 weeks to recover
> from any instability.
> I'm offering to be the release mgr for this release, as I've done time
> based releases before. The key things I'll want to enable me to do this
> are:
>  * Agreement from the community on these dates.
>  * Agreement from folk with commit access to bzr.dev that I can rollback
> commits after the 21st if they should not have qualified for committing.
> (e.g. if they cause regressions).
> We should still set feature goals for 0.10 - I'm over at Martins now
> chatting with him about what might make a good set - we'll send that to
> the list presently with our thoughts, so we can bounce it around and get
> a good list together. However, to ensure the release happens, any
> feature that isn't ready will just get punted to 0.11.
> Seeking +4 :)
> -Rob

I like the release dates, and the concept of a feature goals for 0.10.

I would tend to prefer a bzr.dev which stays as a general integration
target, and just fork of an explicit bzr-0.10 branch at the appropriate
time. And you can revert whatever you want out of that.

I'm guessing you want to freeze bzr.dev because the main developers
dogfood on that. Or maybe you don't want to deal with cherrypicking
bzr.dev changes into bzr-0.10.

Anyway, I'm happy to see time based releases. I'm guessing a 1-month
cycle is going to be a little bit fast. If you are actually going to
freeze bzr.dev during that time.

I think we could do a 1-month cycle with release branches. But if you
feel strongly about freezing bzr.dev, I'm sure you can convince me.


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