[ANN bzr-vim] syntax and ftplugin for bzr_log.* files

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Tue Jul 25 16:54:18 BST 2006


For some time now I've missed a bzr.vim to do some small hilighting on
bzr_log.*, as svn.vim does for svn commit files. Also, I always found
myself wanting to read the diff while writing the message.

Today I sat down for a while and wrote {syntax,ftplugin}/bzrlog.vim.
Here is a screenshot:


You can `bzr get` it from here:


And here I'm pasting the description in ftplugin/bzrlog.vim:

  This plugin provides the following functionality:
    - options to have completion search inside files being commited
      (handy eg. to complete class or method names).
    - a function to insert the diff of the files being commited into the
      file. It is accessible via ":Diff", and also with "<LocalLeader>d".
      The <Ctrl-]> key binding, normally used to jump to tags, is mapped
      to invoking the function with the file under the cursor as argument.

  You may set the following variables in your ~/.vimrc:
    - bzr_command: name (or full path) of the bzr executable (default: bzr).
    - bzrlog_auto_diff: if set, the commit diff is automatically
                        inserted when opening the file.
    - no_bzrlog_maps (or no_plugin_maps): disable the mappings.

It still has a couple rough edges, but maybe it's useable for some other vim
user out there. :)

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