[MERGE-REGUEST] win32 installer for bzr 0.9

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Jul 18 22:43:16 BST 2006

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I update my installer work to recent bzr.dev. And now it mergeable into
> bzr.dev revno.1860.
> Unfortunately, I'm very busy last weeks and next ones on my regular job,
> so I did not make all improvements what I want.
> So here is mostly installers from 0.8 release (for standalone bzr.exe)
> and 0.6/0.7 release (python's distutils-based installer) adapted for
> recent 0.9 version.

probably we'll want to revisit the .css file at some point in the
future. But just having something looks better than nothing.

> === added file tools/bzr_test_dependencies.py // file-id:bzr_test_dependencies.
> +++ tools/bzr_test_dependencies.py

I think bzr_test_dependencies would probably be best handled as a
plugin, rather than a separate script for people to run.

There are quite a few little things to cleanup your submission. If you
don't mind, I'll go ahead and work on them, and submit back to you the
small changes.

I created a mirror of your branch here:

Probably we should work out a way for you to push your changes directly
to Launchpad, so that you don't have to host them, but there is still a
public place you can refer people to.


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