[patch] hashcache fixes

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Wed Jul 12 06:23:29 BST 2006

On 11 Jul 2006, John Arbash Meinel <john at arbash-meinel.com> wrote:

> +1 on concept, but some of the code seems to be missing for the tests.

Yes, sorry, I just diffed the wrong thing.

> > +    def _cutoff_time(self):
> > +        return self._clock - 2
> Do we want -2 or -3 here?

What we really want is to factor out the concept of the error window to
all of the callers.  I'll add a todo.

> ^- don't you need a 'hc = self.make_hashcashe()' here? I don't know how
> this was passing.

Sorry, my mistake.

> ^-- Shouldn't this also check the hit/miss values?


I'm going to send this now.


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