plugins in windows

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Jun 29 01:37:48 BST 2006

Erik Bågfors пишет:
> I've just been playing around with bzr on windows (not cygwin at all).
> I'm very impressed by the installer, looks good and did a good job.

Thanks for this good words. Happy to hear this.

> However, I think (but have not verified) that many (most? all?)
> plugins in the plugin registry is Linux only? Does anyone know which
> (if any) plugin works under windows?

Well, not all plugins works but some does. I'd like to say most of them.

I'm use my own plugins and some other. Lately I help to Michael Ellerman 
to fix win32-bugs in shelf plugin. Now it also works on win32. In past I 
try bzrtools but on win32 seems to works only graph-revisions and 
clean-tree. Other parts have some issues.

My plugins list: show_paths, shelf, commit_selector, win32symlinks, 
htmllog, clean_ignored, x_bit.

bzrk and gannotate require GTK version that in past (end of 2005 year) 
was not ported to win32. Now it seems that pygtk 2.8 is ported to win32 
but I don't try it.

> Next question is, where do I put plugins? I couldn't find any
> documentation on that (maybe I'm blind).

No, it's really lack in documentation. In automatically generated 
bzr_man.htm there is mention about location of bazaar.conf file but not 
about plugins directory (that indeed is very close location...)

> Using bzr on windows, really shows how much we need a GUI. The windows
> command line is really limited.

Yeah, Windows without GUI is very unpleasant thing. I'm use FAR file 
manager for working in console environment. It's make life slightly 

I'm also very long time think about writing GUI configuration program 
for managing bzr settings/options and plugins via GUI. But I have not 
enough time for start and finish this configuration manager.


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