[BUG] (trivial) duplicate text in "bzr pull --help"

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Jun 28 14:12:44 BST 2006

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Adeodato Simó wrote:
> * Erik Bågfors [Wed, 28 Jun 2006 10:21:22 +0200]:
>> The other day I had a situation, where I had done a merge, then was
>> going to commit it with "bzr commit".  This tried to load the editor
>> and failed with the normal unicode errors.  I then tried it with
>> bzr.dev and it worked!
> I also experienced this: https://launchpad.net/bugs/48307.
>> I assume this is because of your encoding work.  Great work,  for me
>> (and most other none english speaking people) this is absolutely
>> essential.
> Goes without saying... (and I'm very happy with the work of the devs
> here).
>> Therefore I would love to see a release asap with this bug
>> fixed (the bug being everything in your test-suite that fails in 0.8
>> :) )
> Ah, I don't know how many more there are, and I ignore if they were
> fixed in a branch that could be easily integrated in the 0.8 branch for
> 0.8.3. If not, I could if it'd be useful try to find the particular
> commits that fix each issue, as I did for the one above.
> I don't know how far 0.9 is, but if it's not still in the horizon, then
> I'd love to see a 0.8.3.
> Thanks,

On the list we've discussed whether to do an 0.8.3 or an 0.9. The size
of the changes is a little bit much for a standard point release.

And right now, quite a few tests fail on win32, and a few of the
encoding tests fail on Mac. I have some thoughts on how to make them all
pass, and if possible, I would like to get the test suite pristine for
an 0.9 release.

The 0.8 releases didn't pass the selftest suite on win32, though I'm to
blame for breaking a little bit more recently. So I'm doing penance and
trying to fix everything up.

With any luck, I'll have it done this week... I don't know what Martin
has in mind for an 0.9, but I could see us getting an rc1 out within 2
weeks or so.


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