[BUG] win32: support for network paths is broken

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Mon Jun 26 15:37:12 BST 2006

I want to attract attention to next win32-related problem.

In windows local network is used special form of paths that started with
\\computername, like this:


Before bzr switched to overall use of urls to filesystems this paths
was works. At least it works in official release 0.8.2.

And now urls accept only paths that starts with drive letter, i.e.:


And don't want to work with network paths with following error:

bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: 
u'file:////:Bialix/path/on/remote/machine/': Win32 file urls start with 
file:///X|/, where X is a valid drive letter

I'm personally relatively rarely use network paths but I think that bzr
should support them.


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