What is the managment overhead of decentrilized version control?

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 17:33:18 BST 2006

Not much!
We're using it in a 4man-team, and people are merging their own code into
the main branch.
Like you said that on subversion everybody just needs permissions to be able
to do it,
the same thing counts for bzr. We have a central server and people
merge their stuff in as required/agreed you need the same sort of
discipline to not merge in unstable updates just before a production
(Each user has an account on the central server and we have a cronjob
 which ensures that we all have permissions to everything)


On 6/20/06, Ben Edwards <ben at serverone.co.uk> wrote:
> I am currently evaluating bazaar.  From our perspective decentralised
> version control is not really necessary, we are a software house mainly
> developing Plone sites. From the perspective of a release manager I am
> trying to work out what the management overhead is for bazaar and
> decentralised version control in general and also what other benefits
> bazaar may have for a organisation not needing centralised version
> control.
> >From my understanding if you have say 3 developers working on a project
> for a release they would all push there changes to what has been agreed
> upon as the release branch and then someone has to merge the code in
> this branch.  The subversion method would be people committing there own
> work and doing the merge themselves.  Although this does mean they need
> write access to the master repository at least the person doing the
> merge understands the code.
> Peoples thoughts on this would be good, it would be great if people
> could concentrate on this issue specifically, I am sure there are lots
> of more general pros/cons threads;).
> Regards,
> Ben


May the source be with you.
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