Branching a kernel-sized tree uses a lot of RAM

John Dong jdong at
Tue Jun 20 16:14:36 BST 2006

I filed that bug on this problem a while back, and right now the problem
still exists. A lot of my other concerns about bzr's performance have
already been addressed (thanks everyone!) but this one still persists, and
is one of my last bzr complaints :).

Branching a freshly imported vanilla kernel branch uses no less than 1GB
RAM, during the "Building" phase (both with working trees and without). This
makes it pretty hard to work with kernel-sized trees even on fairly modern
hardware. In contrast, importing the same 2.6.17 vanilla kernel requires
only 55MB or so of RAM, so there is something specific to branching (the
Build phase particularly... the fetch phase is good about RAM usage) that
eats RAM.
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