Submit by mail

Hermann Kraus hermann at
Sun Jun 18 15:41:34 BST 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 05:12:33 +0200, Martin Pool <mbp at> wrote:

> As Aaron said, it should go in branch.conf, for two reasons:
>   - all branches under a particular directory (e.g. all bzr branches)  
> can be sent to the same location without configuring them individually
>   - different users may want to configure it separately
> Having a default which does propagate with the branch might be useful,  
> so that people can get a checkout and then immediately submit changes.

Ok, I'll add this to branch.conf and copy it when branching to the new  

> OK.  To start with I suggest you just run sendmail; that won't do on  
> Windows or some unixes, but it's enough to start with.  Make sure  
> there's an easy way to cancel sending.

When the user does not enter any text sending will be cancel. Just like  
with commit.

> As discussed on the spec, you will need to find a base revision to know  
> which revisions to submit.  It should be possible to give that with -r,  
> but I think the overwhelmingly common case will be to give another  
> branch location and find the common ancestor between the two.
> My suggestion would be that you start by finding the ancestor with  
> another branch and print out a bundle from that point on.  Then add the  
> feature to show it in an editor, then possibly send it to a mail client.

I think bzr submit will handle -r and branch locations the same way as bzr  
bundle and therefore use the same code. I think duplicating it would be  
bad. If something has to be chanced it should be done in the code for  


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