[BUG] cannot merge bundle if standalone branch was in shared repo

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Jun 16 11:50:55 BST 2006

I cannot merge bundle patch if I try to merge to standalone branch while 
bundle source is (or was) in shared repository.

I make bundle-revisions for the BASE:

BRANCH> bzr bundle /PATH/TO/BASE --output=bundle.patch

Then I want to merge this bundle

PATH/TO/BASE> bzr merge bundle.patch
bzr: WARNING: Inventory sha hash mismatch for revision 
bialix at ukr.net-20060616045349-a5296e9401d2e6d3. f29aaec762291b1ac04f50f68
2f226bc888b3255 != f706ca021038f5c240ca8231d2f7df6f9c983b54
bzr: ERROR: Testament did not match expected value.
        For revision_id 
{bialix at ukr.net-20060616045349-a5296e9401d2e6d3}, expected 
{f843ee2b51d9e26cf0fa7c59154bc420749dcdde}, me

More details:

BRANCH is actually shared repository checkout branch. And PATH/TO/BASE 
is branched from this shared repository to stand-alone branch.

I use: bzr.dev. rev.1776

When I try to merge this bundle into branch that also is shared 
repository checkout then it works OK.

When I make two stand-alone branches from this shared repository 
checkouts and make *another* bundle for using source and base from 
stand-alone branches, I *anyway* get the same error. So I cannot at all 
to merge bundle into stand-alone branch after it was be in shared repo.


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