brz 0.8.2 - Disable progress bar and enable it only on -v option

John Arbash Meinel john at
Fri Jun 16 00:20:47 BST 2006

Jari Aalto+mail.perl wrote:
> * Thu 2006-06-15 John Arbash Meinel <john AT>
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> Unfortunately the introduction of it being "the default" in 0.8 just
> didn't improve user experience

Actually, it has been the default for a lot longer than that. It has
been around since probably 0.0.1. We introduced a couple good concepts,
and broke a couple of other things. We introduced Nested bars, so that
you would have a top-level "I need to pull the revisions and then merge
the working tree", and a lower-level "I'm pulling revision 50/100".
Which was good, but when we did that, we missed some edge cases. Like
switching to '...' when the output wasn't a tty.

You can argue that only errors should go to stderr. I think it is just
as common to put meta-information into stderr. When you do 'bzr diff'
you put the diff to stdout, but information for the user goes to stderr.

Like 'gpg --cl' will tell you that it is about to need a signature for
something, and puts that into stderr, rather than muddying up your text.
(Same thing for gpg --verify)

> We all know that programs normally, if more information is needed,
> supply concept:
>   --verbose --verbose --verbose --more-of-that --more-of-this
> The road "always on by default" goes against the nature of the above
> flow, if this "progressbar" direction is taken as precedence of a
> design concept to more to follow.
> Jari

I don't think it is. I think we work reasonably hard to make things
reasonable. At one point 'bzr add' listed every ignored file, then we
restricted that to just print the summary of files it could have added
but didn't because it was ignored.

When we print too much info, we look into ways to trim it back to make
the user experience better.


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