brz 0.8.2 - Disable progress bar and enable it only on -v option

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Jun 15 22:22:15 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Jari Aalto+mail.emacs wrote:


>>> - It doesn't work on internal shells ("Emacs: M-x shell")
> Are there examples other than Emacs?
> As I recall, the problem is that Emacs terminal emulation is really,
> really weak.  My memory is that showing a series of dots was a very
> expensive operation.

Actually, right now we aren't showing dots when we should. The new
Nested code broke the DotsProgressBar.
It defaults to TTYProgressBar if nothing is supplied, rather than
defaulting to the ProgressBar, which checks isatty on the output.


> I think you're underestimating the necessity for people to know that
> something is happening when they perform a long-running command.
> I'm much more inclined to make the feature work properly than to give up
> on it and turn it off by default.

I agree. Of course if we could just make every action take <1s to
complete, I would be fine with getting rid of progress bars.
But somehow I don't think that is a long term possibility.


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