brz 0.8.2 - Disable progress bar and enable it only on -v option

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Thu Jun 15 21:02:04 BST 2006

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Jari Aalto+usenet wrote:
> * Fri 2006-06-16 Robert Collins <robertc AT>

> The program should not enforce things by default, but be:
> - conservative

It has never been our goal to be conservative.  We are trying to make a
software VCS that is a joy to use.  Not something austere that requires
considerable configuration before it's pleasant to use.

> - Features
> That can be turned on as needed. The lesson from *every* software
> project is *not* to turn on options by default but upon user's
> request, because there are no defaults that would work for all.

You are right that there are no defaults that suit everyone, but I think
you are wrong about the rest of it-- it's too simple to think of
settings as being on/off.  They're left and right, green blue and
purple.  They're choices between various options, and none of them is
right for everyone.  Having the wrong features off is just as unpleasant
as having the wrong features on.

Progress bars were a response to a real problem: People would run a bzr
command, and nothing would happen that they could see.  How long would
it take?  They had no idea.  Was it stuck?  No idea.  I've been there,
and I don't want to go back.

Progress bars aren't our only response-- and we're working on making
operations faster as well.

> (Think Windows; what default do you dislike?)

Font smoothing on medium-sized text.  Other than that, I haven't got a
lot of complaints.  I certainly wouldn't want to use the "conservative"
progman.exe user interface.

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