brz 0.8.2 - Disable progress bar and enable it only on -v option

Jari Aalto+mail.emacs jari.aalto at
Thu Jun 15 17:56:42 BST 2006

* Thu 2006-06-15 John Arbash Meinel <john AT>
* Message-Id: 44916F34.1050302 AT
>> The `-q' is used commonly to supress informational output. The
>> progress bar is something other than "messages"; on category of it's
>> own.
>> In normal use the progress bar does not offer any useful information,
>> because it just flickers and causes slowdown on modem connections (try
>> 48k modem), so it should have separate option to turn it on.
> I'm not sure what the best way of suppressing the progress bar is. For
> 'emacs' I thought we were checking if the output was a tty, though I can
> say my cron jobs started printing fancy progress bars, rather than the
> dots format that they used to. So there are definitely some bugs left in
> the system.

I leave the details to developers, but IMO The concept of "always on"
is wrong. In addition I fear that code that tries to "autodetect when
to use, when not to use" is doomed to fail -- It can't know the users
environment ever well enough.

>From SW development standpoint wouldn't it be clear if users just add


or multiple of other options:


to satisfy what each of one wants :-)


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