[MERGE REVIEW] Remove ConfigObj validation

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Sun Jun 11 04:36:21 BST 2006

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Martin Pool wrote:

> +1 to having something like this added back in; it is useful in rare
> cases.  Perhaps 'run_bzr_subprocess' would be better?  I do think it
> should have a docstring:


>   Run bzr in a subprocess for testing.
>   This starts a new Python interpreter and runs bzr in there. 
>   This should only be used for tests that have a justifiable need for
>   this isolation: e.g. they are testing startup time, or signal
>   handling, or early startup code, etc.  Subprocess code can't be 
>   profiled or debugged so easily.
> Robert (iirc) expressed the other day a dislike of run_bzr things that
> split up strings; they're prone to split the wrong way.  (Though using
> shlex might help.)  Also we have a general principle against magic-dwim
> on arguments.  Since this should be called rarely I would rather just
> delete the splitting of args and make the caller be explicit.

Shlex helps a lot.  You won't get splitting in inappropriate places.
For shell-like commands, I think it's only natural to use shell-like
syntax.  It's easier to read and easier to write.  Robert may not like
it, but he doesn't have to use it-- multiple argument support is also
provided.  And this is not intended to be a generalized call-- where we
use it, we'll use it directly, in the test suite.

> It may be better to run sys.executable, which will get the same Python
> interpreter and might help on Windows.

Yes, we can do that.

> Since retcode is the only kwarg why not just take it explicitly?

Slavish imitation of the other run_bzr commands, I guess.


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