[ANN] Shelf: Unshelving in arbitrary order

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Jun 6 09:39:44 BST 2006

Wouter Bolsterlee пишет:
> På Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 08:01:10PM +0200, Erik Bågfors skrev:
>>So Shelf exists as a standalone branch and in bzrtools? Which one should I 
>>Personally, I like having many small plugins, and not a collection of
>>plugins as bzrtools is. It allows me to choose what to install.
> Personally, I like having one central plugin like bzrtools that adds all the
> extra functionality in one go. As a bzr user (not a bzr developer) this
> eases upgrading (and installation on new machines I'm working on).
> Additionally, I don't have to check all the branches out there in the wild
> for updates if I get my updates from one central place.
> Long story short: please think from a user perspective. Users don't want to
> install LOTS of plugins if they can get them all at once.

Until bzr will control what plugins is active and what plugins is
temporary disabled, I'm personally want to use bunch of small plugins.
Because I can manage it without pain.

Until there is no plugins management infrastructure (with GUI or
something similar) that could parse our plugins page and check links as
setuptools can do with cheeseshop, and download or update plugins from
the internet or from the manually downloaded archives, talking about of
user point of view is craftiness, IMHO.

Right now I use following approach. I have 2 directories: plugins.work
and plugins.disabled. And when I need disable some plugin I move it to
plugins.disabled. And vice versa.

And as little note: bzrtools is good for unix-users but on windows it
about of 75% is unusable.


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