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Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Sat May 27 11:27:09 BST 2006

"Szilveszter Farkas" <szilveszter.farkas at> writes:

> Hi Everybody,
> I'd like to ask for some help. I was accepted for Google SoC to work
> on a GUI for Bazaar-NG. My first task is to find a decent name for the
> application. The main point is that it shouldn't be something common
> (like bzr-gui). Martin suggested to use the name 'bzrk'.

In case you missed it, bzrk is already a part of a gui for bzr:

There's another more important question behind this: today, there are
sereval graphical tools for bzr (bzrk, gannotate), the question is
whether you'd do a single GUI tool for all interesting operations, or
one GUI corresponding to one command for each operation.

In other words, if I want a graphical annotate, shall I do

$ bzr gannotate file


$ bzr <name-of-the-gui>
<click "annotate" somewhere in the GUI>

Indeed, I'd like to have both: a central GUI from which other
operations can be done (better for user-friendliness), but keep some
portion of the GUI callable from the command-line (better for people
used to the command-line).

And BTW, my vote goes for « olive ».


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