[RFC] quickbranch

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Thu May 25 02:12:11 BST 2006

On 24 May 2006, Aaron Bentley <aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca> wrote:
> Martin Pool wrote:
> | It would be good if we could wrap all of history up to some
> | point into a self-contained file which could be brought down in one
> | piece.  Perhaps something to think about for a future format.
> Like, say, changesets? :-)

Well, like changesets, but possibly optimized more for compactness and
fast random access to their contents, rather than human readability.
Perhaps this is just a different format of changeset?  Or perhaps using
them just as they now are would be a good first step.

I haven't reviewed the diff yet but from what I've seen so far of your
updated w-changesets it looks good to review for merge soon.  What do
you think?

(See also at this point Robert's mail last night about the requirements for
different storage formats)


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