Bazaar and "Global Revision Numbers"

John Arbash Meinel john at
Tue May 16 20:35:49 BST 2006

Sharmarke Aden wrote:
> In Subversion, repositories have global revision numbers and I was
> wondering if Bazaar also has a feature akin to global revision
> numbers.

Yes, they are called 'revision-ids', and they are universally unique. As
in across projects, repositories, etc.

Subversion repositories each have a unique id for each repository, so
UUID + revno is unique. Bazaar just uses unique revision ids for every

If you use 'bzr revision-history' it will print out the unique
identifiers for this branch.

Or you can use "bzr revision-info" to get the revision id and revno for
a given revision

$ bzr revision-info -r 1
   1 mbp at
$ bzr revision-info -r \
    revid:mbp at
   1 mbp at

And 'bzr cat-revision' to get more information

$ bzr cat-revision mbp at
<revision committer="mbp at" format="5"
revision_id="mbp at"
<message>import from baz patch-364</message>


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