[links] reading Daily Python

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Thu May 11 12:15:11 BST 2006

Reading Daily Python today I found several interesting links.

This pair could be useful for windows support improvements.

* Copy huge files on Windows avoiding system cache misbehaviour

	This recipe uses pywin32 in order to copy files making use of
	the win32file.FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN, which makes much more
	efficient use of the system cache (only a few megabytes are
	consumed instead of caching the whole file).

* Windows shortcuts import hook

	This simple import hook can resolve Windows shortcuts refering
	to directories. This allows Windows users to simulate UNIX
	directory structures which contain symlinks.

Pair of announces:

* paramiko 1.6

  	I help a little to Robey to test paramiko on Windows and Cygwin,
	so in this new version he fix some specific problems. For more
	details ask him directly.

* Mercurial on PyPI

	As continuation of John's threads about Public Impressions
	I want to mention that Mercurial has their own entry on PyPI.
	Why bzr does not have?


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