bzr push in 0.8 + bzrtools

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue May 9 02:11:43 BST 2006

On 09/05/2006, at 9:22 AM, Joseph Wakeling wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Does 0.8 allow for commands like,
> bzr push username at
> ?
> With 0.7 this is only possible with bzrtools, right?  Has 0.8 included
> this functionality automatically or is it still bzrtools only?
> (The latter means I have to wait for bzrtools 0.8 to come out before
> upgrading.:-)
> One extra thing.  Are there any special instructions for upgrading bzr
> (e.g. is it necessary to delete the previous install) or can one just
> run the install as if from scratch?

You can push using sftp with

   bzr push sftp://user@host/~/mydir

or when bzrtools 0.8 is available, use

   bzr rpush username at

to push over rsync, which will be much faster.


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